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What is this website?

This website is a place where you can watch past Twitch and Kick vods (from select creators). From the creators that are selected, their streams are recorded and then archived automagically to using a custom script.

Why was this website created?

This website was created to allow for a decent experience for watching old vods. While you can sometimes watch vods of your favorite creator elsewhere, they often don't have a live chat replay alongside the video.

What kickstarted the idea was sometimes a streamer I watch, specifically PaymoneyWubby on Twitch, would sometimes not have the vod posted for one reason or another (usually for Twitch specific reasons) so this would allow myself and others who may have missed the stream to have a chance to watch it.

Where is this hosted?

This website is hosted privately, though any content is hosted on

Why not upload the videos to something like YouTube?

The Internet Archive is meant to keep things archived for many years, and unlike YouTube, extra data for things such as chat playback can be included.

Can I playback in HD/source quality?

The streams are recorded and hosted in source quality.

Why is this website so bad looking?

The main focus was/is functionality and usability. I want to first make sure the site works well and is useful, without making it too complicated. Eventually the design may change a bit, look at bit more nice, but for now, the main goal is simplicity and usability. In the future I would like to update the design on the site and make it look at least a little bit better.

Are emotes supported in chat playback?

Yes! 1st party (Twitch and Kick channel emotes) and 3rd party (BTTV, 7TV and FFZ emotes) are supported.

How does this website work?

This website works by fetching a list of archived content (by DerpBox) from then displaying it. For the player, the chat is read from a log file generated by DerpBox (using a somewhat standard format, kinda) and custom Javascript renders the chat alongside the video just as it would've been when it was live. This process is currently all done in your browser, though this could change in the future for any reason. The local web server is only serving the static files.

Can I request a creator to be added to the active archive list?

Yes! Just contact me via one of the methods below and I'll get back to you asap (this does not guarantee they will be added). Currently I have selected mostly streamers I enjoy, with a few others that are popular but I don't necessarily watch.

Can I have my archived streams removed?

If you are the creator or someone who works with the creator and you would like to have a certain stream removed, all streams removed, or no longer be actively archived, just contact me at one of the places below and I will take care of your request.

Which creators are currently being archived from Twitch?

PaymoneyWubby, jschlatt, austinshow, markiplier, and caseoh_

thewildlatina and strawberrytabby

Which creators are currently being archived from Kick?

AdinRoss, N3on, Jack Doherty, fousey, and Heelmike

Can I request a feature to be added?

Of course! Feedback of any kind, requests, etc, are always greatly appreciated. You can leave one at any of the contact locations below.

How is the chat data and metadata formatted?

You can find a chat JSON example here or a metadata JSON example here. These examples will always be kept up-to-date if the formatting changes, and will also be logged in the changelog too.

How can I contact you?

You can contact me on Twitter (@iDerp21), Discord (@iDerp) or email me at [email protected]